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Health Services at Fitness by Design

At Fitness by design, we provide an all in one center for Health and Fitness.  We are proud to have licensed practitioners of Physical Therapy, Medical Nutrition, Medical Fitness, and Acupuncture all in one facility.  We want to provide the best possible services for our members.

Included with full membership privileges is a Wellness Check performed by a certified Health Care professional.  You also get the ability to consult with our Health Care professionals in a relaxed and informal atmosphere with out having to pay for a doctor's visit every time you have a general question.

Our Medical Fitness exercise physiologists and our registered dieticians will also work with your physician to ensure the best results for you.

We want you to achieve the best health possible.  By providing a variety of services, we believe our health care professionals can help you determine the best course of action to achieve maximum results.

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